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Most of the content on this site is created by our users, who are members of the public. Some were hastily transferred to a new unit. The ambulance serviceman was captured in Crete after missing the last boat of the evacuation—he had gone back to collect one last wounded soldier. Indeed, homosexuality was grounds for dismissal from the forces and for harsh imprisonment. But Private Cave never faced any questions or warnings concerning homosexuality when being interviewed by recruitment officers and completing his enlistment forms. Newspaper cartoons portrayed senior female officers as butch, masculine, and more comfortable in the company of each other than of men.

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Officers conducting the investigation recommended that the men be diagnosed psychiatrically and evacuated to the mainland, but top-brass was leaning towards criminal prosecution. Sometimes they drove off into the jungle for group sex parties. Private Dudley Cave nearly lost his life to help safeguard a democracy that continued to treat him and his fellow homosexuals as second class citizens. Faced with the danger of German invasion and the need to maximise combat strength, military chiefs unofficially waived their objections to homosexuals in uniform. Signout Register Sign in. By Ben Winsor 25 April

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In the early s sexuality was closely linked to gender identity. During the fall of Singapore in , he was captured by the Japanese. He returned to a society where discrimination against gay people remained rife. So, apart from a bit of sweeping, what did Cave do during the war? The lines between gay love and straight mateship were difficult to discern for some. Not until almost half a century after the end of the Second World War did lesbian and gay service personnel cease to be court-martialled and jailed for consensual sex. But right back to Australia's early years, Smaal says it was easy for gay men to join the armed forces.

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