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Those numbers have doubtlessly increased today. In the United States , the term "cruising" was used predominantly to denote exclusively homosexual behavior, but in Australia and the United Kingdom it is used by both homosexuals and heterosexuals to describe their own behavior, as witnessed in the common male heterosexual derivative phrase "cruising for chicks". In the future, we will look back at a massive turning in gay culture — when gay hookup apps, which locate other users through the geolocation devices in your smartphone, hit the market. But first, a clarification: I sat in a stall for an hour, turning the pages slowly, trembling.

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Cruising for sex was explored in Cruising Pavilion , a art installation associated with the Venice Bienalle of Architecture. Yes, AIDS was a devastating hit, one that made us fear the sexual spaces we used to roam. Backrooms are relics of an earlier time, when managers and owners generously created a space where their patrons could do what they needed to do with each other and looked the other way — or perhaps joined in. Some gyms will have a stronger cruising vibe than others, depending on the neighborhood. For display purposes and cruising for chicks at the Renaissance fair only I sat in a stall for an hour, turning the pages slowly, trembling.

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Second to circuit parties, gyms are some of the most erotic places in the world. This is often true. Different scholars, homos, club kids, and gay partiers will argue when dance clubs really came into being, but their significance in gay culture and gay cruising is undeniable. Anywhere you can possibly find privacy or meet other men can become a cruising zone — particularly the menswear section in your local department store. Those who are sensitive regarding frank discussions about sex are invited to click elsewhere, but consider this: A note on the Pines: In , Grindr had 4 million users in countries across the globe, with 1.

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