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Other racial groups were recorded in the sample, though in much smaller numbers; less than one percent each identified as East Indian 0. Copyright on images may vary, please check individual image pages prior to duplication. Users boasted a large number of friends in their profiles with an average of per person see Figure 1. To analyze the frequency of blog posting among the users who had blogs, the difference in time between the two latest posts was measured see Figure 3. Nearly one in five users Two limitations were imposed on the sample:

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Please note that due to our archival policy , we will not alter or update the content of articles that are archived, but will only accept requests to make grammatical and formatting corrections. MySpace eases the burden of these tough choices as it affords users considerable flexibility in their ability to choose and generate content. In contrast to Dwyer, Gallant, et al. In addition to differences in social cues in online and offline environments, friendship is defined differently on social networking sites than it is in offline relationships. Over seven in every ten bloggers disclosed their emotional states and moods with emoticons and text in their posts

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External contributions are an indication of the social interaction between bloggers and those who comment on their writing. Note that some listed sources or external links may no longer be available online due to age. This is consistent with findings by Gallant, et al. A participant in their study put it nicely: Spotify has a number of playlists that offer some grade-A Myspace nostalgia. MySpace is equipped with a formatting template and standardized choices that users may employ to display this information.

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